Quick Slow Computer Fixes to Maximize Performance

Slow computers can break down the office. It can take hours to save a large chunk of data or even make it impossible to do the simplest tasks. Typically, there are issues with malware that are causing a computer to slow down which may lead to even more issues. These quick fixes can help you speed up your computer today.

Uninstall Unused Programs

This is the quickest way to free up space and get your computer to run a little bit faster. Computers can accumulate a variety of different programs and add-ons that don’t need to be there or aren’t ever used.

Delete Temporary Files

Whenever you browse online using Internet Explorer or another browser, you’re storing temporary Internet files. To get rid of this clutter, just go to “My Computer,” click your main drive, then click “Windows” and open the folder called “Temp.”

Buy a Solid State Drive

These drives are very fast and last a lot longer than your regular hard drive. If you have trouble with a computer that is slow to turn on, a solid state drive will fix that immediately.

Install More Hard Drive Space

You can also install more space in your system to make room for all of your data, cat pics and software.

Run Virus Scan

It may be a virus that’s causing your computer to slow down. The first step would be to run a virus scan to see if there’s any programs on your computer that are eating up your system’s memory in addition to other serious offenses.