Types of Computer Security Issues to Look Out For

Computer security is a constant threat today. Whether you’re traveling or just working from home, there are various cyber security risks that you take with any Internet connection and browsing activity. Identity theft, fraud, stolen credit card numbers and other issues can be prevented just by understanding the top security problems and how to prevent them.

Targeted Attacks

There are always random attacks that people have to be careful about, but then there are issues like targeted attacks, which are more sophisticated. These attacks typically start by tricking someone into disclosing information or looking for certain companies to exploit. Various organizations have been victim of this including Target and Nordstrom. Employees should be informed and educated on these threats in order to prevent them.

DDoS Attacks

There are also attacks called “hactivism,” which threaten corporate and government websites. Recently, the group Anonymous hacked into several different government websites for causes that they felt deserved attention. Others simply target corporations maliciously.  Network security software and education on these types of attacks comes in handy to preventing them.

Malware on the Rise

There is a wide use of mobile devices in today’s society, which is actually increasing the threat of malware. Cloud data can be accessed from all kinds of devices. If you’re devices aren’t secure and you don’t have a backup in place, you’re setting your business up for major risks.