Fix Screens, Keyboards and Batteries with Laptop Repair

Fix Screens, Keyboards and Batteries with Laptop RepairLaptops offer the most versatile work area, and with the latest technology, you can practically take your laptop with you wherever you go. That often leads to a few broken parts when you’re carrying your laptop to and from work or school. No matter what kind of laptop you have, we can provide the ultimate care and repair for your broken screens, LCD digitizers, keyboards and dead batteries. Laptops like all devices have a shelf life that can last up to 10 years or more with the right maintenance and replacement parts. Whether you are looking to replace a broken screen or just want your LCD screen to shine like it used to, we have all kinds of fixes from high quality technicians with experience in laptop repair Kansas City services. With the best tools and technology, we evaluate your laptop, diagnose any issues and replace all of the parts with a cost effective approach. Our goal is to make sure that your laptop looks and operates like new when we’re finished.

Some of our services include:

-Laptop screen repair

-Laptop keyboard repair and replacement

-Battery replacement

-Laptop LCD repair

-Data recovery

Laptop Screen Repair Services

Many people think that once the screen goes in a laptop, it’s all over, and they’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new laptop instead of saving money and time by getting a high quality service repair from Farahota Computers. We offer an incredible price for laptop screen repair and work with all brands whether you have a PC or Apple. It’s our mission to always look for the best way to fix your screen and offer you the best quality while always offering the best rates for our computer repair services.

Laptop Keyboard Repairs

It can be devastating to have a brand new laptop that suddenly lost a key or required cleaning and keyboard removal, which lead to keys not working. If you are experiencing trouble with your laptop keyboard, let us take a look and see what we can do. Many times we can repair or replace a keyboard in minutes. With the right tools, we have helped clients get all of the functionality of their laptops while never having to spend hundreds of dollars for a new laptop because of a broken key. Whether you want to customize your keyboard, clean it, replace worn keys or fix keys that just don’t work, we’re ready to help.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Batteries in laptops tend to go fairly quickly. Within two to three years, you may find yourself plugging in your laptop’s charger wherever you have to go. Not only is this inconvenient, but there is a better solution. You can always replace a worn out battery with a brand new one and regain all of your mobility without tagging along the charger. We can replace all types of Apple and PC laptop batteries.

Laptop LCD Repair

The screen on your laptop has to provide brightness and clarity to get all of your work done and view all of the entertaining things you love to watch in high definition. Over time, the LCD digitizer can wear down in a laptop, but you don’t have to replace the entire laptop. With our laptop LCD repair services, we can make your computer screen shine like new and return it to its original splendor.

Data Recovery

You never have to lose data because your laptop has had a meltdown. We provide a cost effective service to extract all the data that you want from your laptop’s hard drive after a crash. We’ll make sure that your information and files are protected while also doing our best to get all of your data back to you in a timely manner.

Call today to hear more about our laptop repair Kansas City services. Farahota Computers is ready to assist with all of your questions. We provide in depth evaluations of all your devices and provide prompt service appointments. 

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