Does Your Computer Have a Virus?

Is your computer slow? Are some applications responding strangely? Do pop-ups blast you whenever you load your browser? You might just have a virus. Answer these questions to get some clarification.

How Slow is Your Computer Running

Viruses cause computer programs to slow down, and suddenly any computer has trouble opening the smallest solitaire game application. However, there are also issues like a fragmented hard disk or a computer that needs more random access memory (RAM). Virus scans can help determine if your system is running slow because of a virus.

Are You Getting Weird Messages and Ads?

If programs are popping up with ads or if you are just getting weird alerts on your computer, then it’s likely a virus that has taken over your computer somehow and spamming advertisements and other malicious pop-ups your way. These need to be quarantined and removed as soon as possible by malware removal software.

Is Your Internet Modem Overheating?

One type of virus sends multiple copies of itself by email. This takes up tons of bandwidth and causes your connection to slow down dramatically. If your hard disk is also continuously working and whirring, a virus may be uploading data or downloading even more spyware to your computer. At that time, you may need computer repair services.